Through his own experiences, Daniel has developed  a profound knack for engaging with young people.

Combining this admirable skill with his passion for empowering our youth to lead a life of respect, culture and self belief, Daniel now has a proven track record of supporting young people through his specialised 10 Week Mentorship Program & other project initiatives.

The goal of this program is to create an environment for 10-24 year old’s, to improve their mental, emotional & physical health, while discovering & accepting their identity, building awareness, understanding purpose, setting, staying accountable to & achieving goals, connecting to culture and creating a journey of healing.

10 WEEK small group mentoring PROGRAM


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Said About Me


As a mum to 3 boys, I’m constantly worrying about there well being, are they fit enough, are they mentally and physically healthy, are they respectful humans, all the things we want them to be. Daniel came into there life at the perfect time, one was transitioning to high school, one was turning 16 and one was stuck in his little body and didn’t feel strong enough. He has been a constant teacher, mentor and friend to them and I can’t thank him enough. He not only has built there fitness with his training groups, he has kept them on the right track and chasing there dreams, kept there minds clear and he has also shown them that in life there is challenges we all face, life is not all easy, he is honest with them and that is so important to me. Just recently we called on Dan to help my eldest through an injury, he seen to him straight away, pinpointing exactly where the injury was and also checking in on him too.
Dan your such a kind human, awesome mentor for my boys, and if they turn out half of who you are I will be happy. Can’t recommend you highly enough.
- Sarah Batchelor

Want results!! Dan’s the Man!!

I’ve been training with Dan for 6 months and I’ve never been in better shape both physically and mentally!

Whether your 12, 20 or 47 Dan can help you set goals and achieve them!!

- Brett Watson

Specialised youth programs for schools & community groups

Daniel can tailor make programs and workshop to suit your needs & budget, all designed to provide and develop our youth with:

  • Self Belief & Confidence
  • Communication, teamwork, resilience
  • Culture, respect, self respect
  • Work ethic
  • Accountability
  • Courage

The workshops are facilitated in a “culturally friendly” environment that cater for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth & their peers, with each participant learning about the oldest living and recorded cultures.

Walkabout Warriors promotes Aboriginal Art practices to engage with youth to create stronger identities and connect to country, while incorporating physical fitness & art to facilitate an engaging experience that will leave a lasting impact.


Daniel will follow an appropriate coaching framework and process to assist and support participant/s in realising their aspirations for fitness, health & well-being areas of their journey

  • Identify their physical and mental status
  • Enhance their self-belief & confidence
  • Strengthen their communication, teamwork & resilience
  • Enhance their culture, respect for self & others
  • Establish & enhance work ethic
  • Provide self-accountability
  • Enhance & promote courage
  • Promote & strengthen their knowledge of & benefits of living a healthy lifestyle


Daniel will engage with participants to assist and support them in knowing who they are & where they’re from to building towards their purpose

  • Respect for self, for others and respect for country – Participants will learn respect is earned through hard work and why its important have a moral compass that doesn’t sway.
  • Resilience, ability to stay balanced or to deal with and recover from adversity. To stay outcome focussed
  • Courage (assessing vulnerability, honesty with a cultural process of deep listening in our yarning circles & *solidarity line)
  • Goal setting (setting short and long term goals)
  • Creating a shared vision (designing vision boards on what they really want in life, identifying their “WHY” and what steps will they need to take to achieve their goals, creating choices in life determining their outcomes.
  • Making strong decisions (leading a healthy and fulfilling life from the choices that are made)
  • Identifying support networks (assisting participants to identify where they are currently receiving support from OR building their support network according to their needs)
  • Evaluation Process an evaluation will be provided to indicate an evidence based outcome of the program


Each participant will gain a spirit from the oldest living and recorded cultures in the world by connecting to Aboriginal art & stories

  • Canvas to create their own story
  • Access to art resources (paint, brushes, drawing equipment)
  • Assistance and support of art colours (primary colours & mixing to create their palette choice)
  • Knowledge of Aboriginal Art symbols and their meanings
  • Story Telling to support their interpretation of their art
  • Have an opportunity to promote their completed art works from Walkabout Warriors Marketing & Promotion channels

 I have a proven track record of engaging and supporting young people. My mission is to empower youth to lead a life of respect, culture and self belief.

Coming from a sporting background and personal journey of healing whilst maintaining elite sporting achievements, I understand the power of using fitness as a tool to improve physical, mental and emotional health.